Your Metaverse design sucks

An object editor in Second Life

Source: “Second Life: Sandboxes and Privacy for Beginners”

The Oculus Rift, a consumer-oriented head mounted display, has re-energized a long-standing interest in the concept of a Metaverse. But what is the Metaverse? How will it work? How do we implement it? We are still searching for answers to these questions and more. Public discourse on the matter has generally taken the form of academic research papers and the occasional forum postings. In this document, I attempt to share my own views — not as the answer to those questions, but as a place to start an ongoing discussion.

The Metaverse concept was not defined by computer scientists as much as it was brought to life by science fiction writers. They envisioned a singular, persistent, and logically consistent world like our own which only exists inside of a computer. In my next post, I’ll talk more about the science fiction perspective and why we need to be careful when using it as a blueprint.

The title of this post, Your metaverse design sucks, was taken from some of the content that I wrote back in August 2013, and serves as a basis for some of my upcoming posts. A Metaverse is going to have problems, and that’s part of what this blog is about. There is no “Metaverse expert” job category (yet). Before even launching on a Metaverse project, there are some very serious and not entirely obvious design choices that need to be considered. Everyone is going to get more than a few of them wrong. The Metaverse 1.0 is going to suck.

This post is just an introduction to the blog; we’ll get into all of that and more down the road.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope that we have an interesting discussion.

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