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A very cyberpunk future for tomorrow’s Metaverse?

Image Source: Unknown (multiple uses)

Image Source: Unknown (multiple uses)

In the Oculus Rift forum, I came across an interesting letter. It claimed to be written by someone who previously worked for Valve’s VR team. In it, he talks about the future of the Metaverse. It is unnerving how plausible his prediction plays out.

He believes that a combination of three things will take us in the wrong direction:

  •  Virtual reality is a more engaging experience than other media types
  • The perception that “the pinnacle of VR is a gigantic shared MMORPG” (the Metaverse)
  • The ad-financed model that is pervasive in the online industry (because we want free services)

Is the Metaverse destined to be run by a companies that are trying to maximize your engagement and sell your attention to advertisers? Will they build a detailed profile personal based upon your every action (if only to enhance their ability to engage and advertise to you even better in the future)?

What would a Metaverse that is born out of today’s environment look like? You really need to read his perspective on the future of VR. Perhaps the Metaverse of tomorrow will be nothing but a treadmill to keep you hooked, advertised to, and recording/analyzing your responses to refine the process?

What is the Value of Virtual Space?

Image Source: Anarchy Arcade (populated by Metaversing)

Image Source: Anarchy Arcade (populated by Metaversing)

Many fans do not want to hear the critics of virtual reality; they don’t want anybody killing the dream. Putting our fingers in our ears and downvoting anyone who disagrees with us isn’t going to help move VR forward. We need to listen to the critics of VR to figure out what we’re doing wrong. We need to listen to the critics of VR to figure out what needs to be done better.

In response to Today’s Glimpse into the Virtual Home, Redditor Rosc questioned the value of virtual spaces. Why would he or anyone else want to walk over to a virtual desk or walk through a virtual arcade, as opposed to directly accessing those items with a modern desktop?

He proposed a thought experiment which I’d like to share. Read More…