Publishing Articles at UploadVR

Going forward, some of my more major articles may be published through UploadVR. Articles that are published through UploadVR will appear on the Metaversing site shortly thereafter.



You may wonder what is behind this agreement. Have I decided to start writing for financial compensation? No, not at all.

From my side, this arrangement is practical. I gain access to an editor to review and enhance my work, I receive a better insight into the process of writing for a public audience, and I reach a far greater number of viewers than I would on my own website.

From their side, they gain first access to some very unique material, since most of my writing contains original research. I’m already seeing the value of this partnership, and I’d expect this arrangement to remain in place as long as it works out well for both of us.

So, this is just a heads-up. If you see some of my work promoted on UploadVR and linked to their website, that’s just fine by me. We both benefit from working together.


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