August 2013: After a discussion on the Metaverse in the Oculus subreddit, I started work on a Metaverse design document. I had hoped that it would serve as a starting point for discussion of the Metaverse, and the issues that surround taking the science fiction concept and translating it into reality.

March 2014: I started Metaversing. This site will explore issues related to the Metaverse and some of the design choices and challenges involved in implementing one. Nobody has all the answers. It will take time to sort out what works and what doesn’t. I hope that we start discussing, today, the kinds of things we want want to see in the Metaverse, and how it should be designed.

July 2014: I came across a perspective from a former member of Valve’s VR team. Why was I putting so much effort into something that was only going to create value for a company to run a giant ad-driven MMORPG? It didn’t make sense. I put my efforts on hold.

March 2015: I saw that we finally had competition in the VR space and that the dystopic vision of  the Metaverse wasn’t a foregone conclusion — it could be avoided. I resumed my writing and rebooted my public effort to pursue a better vision of how the Metaverse should take shape.

June 2015: In Convrge, I made my first presentation which explains what the Metaverse actually is, and real value that it provides. By this point, it is very clear to me that the right solution has fallen into place.

I am an iterative writer. I reserve the right to ninja-edit any page for the first 24-48 hours after it is first published. Significant edits after that time will be clearly labeled.

If you wish to contact me via email, my email address is jmccorm@yahoo.com

Josh McCormick
Metaverse Apologist

CREATED: March 29th, 2014
June 10th, 2015 ; May 15th, 2014

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