Code Name: EFFIGY (Alt Title: PITCHFORK)

When it came time to protest, the French have long had the Place de la République as the place to make their voices heard. With the dawn of the Internet, much of the world has found its way online to forums and chat rooms to register their disgust for all to read. But this is the 2010s, and there is a new way to protest for the VR generation. We have EFFIGY, the virtual protest application. Don’t tell us your anger with words and emotiocons. SHOW US YOUR RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!

EFFIGY is the inevitable virtual reality protest application. You start by registering your cause and you begin with a modest set of resources. Quickly, you begin building an effigy which celebrates the tyranny/stupidity/indifference/callousness of your tormenter. Perhaps you’ve been waiting two years for a well known virtual reality display from an HTC competitor at a reasonable price, only to have the price jacked up 60% without warning when it finally goes on sale? And guess what? Even then, it is missing the second tracking camera and controllers. Off to EFFIGY we go, I can’t be the only one who is upset!

As others see the EFFIGY you are building, they can elect to join in on your cause. As your cause grows in numbers, it also gains additional resources. Do you build a larger and more impressive effigy to attract others? Do you create a bigger environment? Propaganda to better distribute your message? Or weapons to defend like-minded individuals from the eventual detractors, apologists, spindoctors, and sycophants who attempt to undermine your cause?

Once your EFFIGY resources reach a critical level, you can plan an EFFIGY event where you and your supporters can burn, spindle, mutilate, explode, and smash your effigy in a frenzied release of pent-up frustration and anger. Sure, the 100ft statue of [competitor’s name withheld] may be smashed and burned to the ground in hundreds of pieces, but you’ve got a YouTube video to celebrate your achievement… or to possibly be used to recruit even more followers to grow your EFFIGY to even higher levels of outrage!

EFFIGY. The choice of protest for the VR generation.

Okay, serious talk time. So when something happens, people need a place to come together and vent. EFFIGY is that place in virtual reality. There are the obvious game elements, which can be therapeutic as well as entertaining, but it is also a place to vent and talk. If done successfully, it might be the ideal place to talk, because the masters of talk radio, print, and news all know that there are delicious quotes to be harvested from people who are most upset about a situation.

Admittedly, there are all sorts of secondary issues to be considered. Do we do a disservice to ourselves by protesting online instead of making changes in the real world? Does this feed fanaticism? Should voxels be harmed for our amusement? These questions, and more, are beyond the scope of this submission.

Grant me a winning entry, for if enough of us are upset, maybe we’ll see you… in EFFIGY!

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